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  Welcome to Badiredi Travel & Leisures  

We at Badiredi focus on delivering cutting edge innovation and service solutions to travel requirements to


its demanding customers who vary from public and private customers, to leisure travellers and travellers


wishing to encounter the very best travel experience provided by a myriad of travel service providers that


have reliably delivered a sterling service to clients over many years in the entire African Continent and Abroad.


The service encompasses dedicated bookings for any traveller/s for any occasion that requires dedicated


attention to detail and an uncompromising commitment to quality and a positive experience. A myriad of


needs is catered for ⡮ging from a  frills-no thrills-experience䯠the ﭣomprise-quality-experience쯦ont>

  Although young, the business is dedicated to the very best of service quality and value for money solutions   
  for all its customers. This is backed by a rich culture of service delivery and innovation to cater to needs that  
  are complex and demanding in nature.  

 Get incredible value for money

 on you next trip....

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